DRONE PICTURES | Drone aerial shooting services in south of France, Provence, Marseille

Note: this website is mainly in french but  we have translated a part in english for you. and some links  leads to french pages. 

If you need any help, please ask us. We speak fluently english (and spanish)! .

'Low altitude' aerial images made by drones immediately attract attention, enhance your productions and give more impact to your communication. Why deprive yourself?

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Showreel -  Selection of our drone shooting in 2017



Drone-Pictures, creativity assisted by drones!

With Drone Pictures, you'll be hiring an aerial drones operator installed since 2011 in Provence, Marseille, which guarantees you a professional and creative high-quality work​​​​​​.


 Our means 

  • DGAC registered drone operator covered by a professionnal insurance (RC)
  • Drones approved for three different scenario in France: S1, S2 et S3 (flights near people and towns allowed)
  • A motivated team of cameramen and drone pilots with heavy experience and highly creatives (25+ years)
  • Various technical solutions that may fit your budget without any compromise 
  • HOsiHO: aerial stock images of France, Europe and World. Welcome new contributors

 Our commitments 
  • High-level aerial services, both technically and artistically 
  • Reactivity, implication, transparency
  • Reasonable fares 'all inclusive'
  • Obligation of result: perfect images, neat framing, relevant angle, fluid movements, perfect stability: nothing is left to chance.

 Image Galleries 

Our galleries speaks by itselves, please have a look at our aerial reels or aerials photos!

Here's our latest video productions and aerial or ground assignements:

Menton for Midi-En-France (drone shooting)

Costa Croisières & Food Bank (production)

FUJIFILM - X-H1 camera on M600 (drone shooting) OXY Mucem Marseille (production)

EOLFI BLIDAR (production) CMA-CGM Shipping The Future (production)

BMW M5 (drone shooting) Sublime Marseille Opus 2 (production)


 Our credentials 

Since 6 years, we have been trusted by numerous and various customers that we still work with, like corporates, production companies,  french and international broadcasters (Germany, USA, UK, Japan, Sweden)

We do speak English and Spanish and we are willing to help you, with enthusiasm!
Please, feel free to drop us a line about your needs, or give us a call!
+33 646.194.926

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Drone-Pictures is the South of France drone correspondent for the HOsiHO Drone Network

Please inquire for any shooting by drone in Provence !