DRONE PICTURES | Audiovisual gears for aerial and ground shooting services by drones or microlight planes



 Cameras and gears for drones & ground 




from the GH4/GH5 to the DJ Inspire 2 X5S or X7 H264/Raw/ProRes, the M600, the Phantom 4 Pro or the Gopro Fusion 360 !


During your aerial or ground shooting here are our audiovisual equipments
and accessories that Drone-Pictures will use if needed

DJI Zenmuse X5S camera is included with our Inspire 2 drones delivering H264 files (Raw & ProRes files: optional)

Three interchangeable prime lenses comes with the I2 pack: Olympus Zuiko 12; 25; 45mm (crop factor is x2 ou x2,7 depending on fps). 

X5S records HD/4K/5,2K videos in H264/Raw/ProRes at 24/25/30/50/60p.

Slow-motion in HD 120p

Photos 20 mpix. in 4/3 ratio (Dng+jpeg)





DJI Zenmuse X7 camera is included with our Inspire 2 drones delivering H264 files (Raw & ProRes files: optional)

Four interchangeable DJI lenses comes with the I2 pack: 16; 24; 35 and 50mm (crop factor is x1.5) 

X7 sensor is size is Super35mm (APS-C) and records HD/4K/5K/6K video in H264/Raw/ProRes at 24/25/30/50/60p.

Photos 24 mpix. in 3/2 ratio (Dng+jpeg)






In the air or for ground shootings we love our Panasonic GH4 Lumix that comes along with those interchangeable prime lenses : Olympus Zuiko 12; 25; 45mm; 14-42mm (crop factor is x2 ou x2,7 depending on fps).  HD at 50/60 p 4K at 24p.

Photos 16 mpix at 4/3 ratio (raw + jpeg)








The built-in camera of the Phantom 4 Pro drone has a 24mm focal with a Sony Exmor sensor (1 inch): it records 4K/UHD videos at 24/25/30/50/60p or HD at 50 fps and 20mpix photos at 20 mpix. in 4/3 ratio (Dng+jpeg)








Flashes, indoor lights, tripods, clamps, sliders, suction cups, ...

Syrp Genie and mini-Genies system for smooth video movements or 3-axis effect time-lapses, ...








Nikon D800 Dslr:  36 mpix for high-resolution aerial & ground photography: Full Frame sensor 24x36mm

Nikon prime and zoom lenses ranging from the 24mm to 300mm

Canon 5DsR Dslr: 50 mpix for ultra high-resolution aerial & ground photography: Full Frame sensor 24x36mm comes with a 24-70mm/f2.8 Canon zoom










Handheld brushless gimbal on 3 axes (Ronin type) for all cameras like Panasonic GH4, Canon 5D, Nikon D800, Sony A7, A6300, 6500, ...








X7 on Inspire 2
For 4K (and even 6K with the new X7), we warmly recommand the usage of our latest bird, the DJI, lnspire 2 that has - with the Zenmuse X5S or X7  - the ability to record files up to 6K in Raw or ProRes (see chart below) and use prime  lenses ranging from 24 mm to 90mm (equivalence on FF). This drone of about 4.2 kgs is approved to fly in urban and inhabited zones like city center (S3 scenario) which is a great advantage compared to heavier drones.
X7 for Inspire 2: frame rate, sizes and codecs available as Raw files (DNG), ProRes 422HQ / 4444XQ and H264/265 
Alternatively, we can take your Arri Alexa-mini or Red cameras with our biggest drone, the M600, but the size and weight of this formula will require special permits that are not automatically given for S3 zones and requires a 1 to 2 months delay.
Please enquire with us so we could find out the better solution for your needs.


X5S for Inspire 2: frame rate and codecs chart available as Raw  files (DNG) and ProRes 422HQ / 4444XQ