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 Price lists of our audiovisual aerial services by drones 

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Octocoptère X8 "Guapa" 3 axes de Drone-Pictures



Drone-Pictures charges its aerial services according to time spent, without limitation of the number of flights or images to shoot: our fares are dispatched on three different packs: 60 minutes, half day, full day. Discounted prices from the second day +





Our fares for an aerial assignment by drone are calculated in order to provide you with 

a complete professionnal high-quality service, with no surprise or hidden fees.



Rates for aerial Photos & Videos services, depending on the drone type

(degressive coefficient: 2d x 1,9 - 3dx 2,7 - 4d x 3,5)                



Drone for Photo/Video DJI Inspire 2 Quadricopter 3 axes

(with Zenmuse X5S h264; upon option Raw/ProRes or X7 )

1 or 2 operators pilot/cameraman - scenario S1-S2-S3

starts from 350€ + taxes (first hour with 1 operator)

Mini-Drone Phantom 4 Pro 4K Quadricopter 2 axes

mono-operator (pilot) - scenario S1-S3

starts from 300€ + taxes (first hour with 1 operator)

Drone for Photo/Video M600 hexacopter 3 axes

1 or 2 operators pilot/cameraman - scenario S1-S2-S3

half-day or full day with 2 operators: please contact us

Travel expenses not included








Please meet our highly experienced teams and check our cameras specifications









What is included in our all inclusive packs:






  • the main bird with all sort of needed accessories, approved by french DGAC authorities for the required scenario (S1,S2, S3), ready to fly and daily checked by our technicians.
  • the best brushless gimbals and cameras of the moment: Dii Zenmuse X5S with Raw and ProRes licence, Zenmuse X7 Ronin MX with M600
  • a pilot allowed to fly in France, higly skilled and keen with aerial image capture
  • when needed, a pro cameraman with a heavy background in the aerial photography and footage fields ( up to 25 years) 
  •  The needed cameras gears and lenses
  •  Two mini iPads
  • mini drone quadro Phantom 4 Pro with a 4K camera and a one inch sensor, for any optional shooting idea that may occur in narrow spaces or tricky locations
  • a professionnal insurance (RC) mandatory for any french drone operator (AXA)
  • our own car 






Please, take a look at the different options and cameras that we can propose, and ask us for a precise quote via the contact form





+33 646.194.926

Infos - Fares - Quote



For a project mixing aerial and ground based images, please check-out with us our different services like the global production of a short video clip presenting your activity, an event or a touristic site.