DRONE PICTURES | Drone-Pictures fleet for aerial video and still shooting services in Marseille, South of France

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 Our drones fleet approved for Dgac scenario S1-S2-S3  


Clip du premier vol d'essai de notre nouveau drone flagship: le nouvel Inspire 2 en version Raw & ProRes! Read on the blog: First flight with the Inspire 2 version Raw/ProRes


Drone-Pictures is a registered DGAC drone operator for the following scenarios S1, S2 et S3, ID #ED00085. 

We own a drone fleet that will fit the better all your specific needs. Please review our birds specifications and ask us any clarifications you might need.


Please check-out also our available cameras and accessories spec.



with zenmuse X5S or X7
Quadricopter UAV for single or dual operators with the Zenmuse X5S 3 axes gimbal or new X7.
X5S: M4/3 sensor and prime Olympus Zuiko lenses from 12mm, to 45mm (crop factor is x2 ). 
X7: Super35 sensor and pack of four DL lenses from 16mm, to 50mm/2.8 (crop factor is x1.5 ). 
HD/4K/5,2K/6K in H264/Raw/ProRes at 24/25/30/50/60p.
Slow-motion in HD 120p (X5s) 
Photos 20 mpix.in 4/3 (X5s) or 24 mpix.in 3/3 (X7) 
Allowed to fly in urban zones and city with people   (not closer than 10m though).
Wind up to 60 km/h. DGAC Approved for S1, S2, S3. Energy: up to 18min. per flight. 
Size: 60 cms.  Weight RTF 4,3 kilos with parachutes.


(comes for free with the Inspire2 or M600)
Quadricopter Drone for 1 operator 
1inch Sony sensor - 24mm focal 
4K/UHD in H264 at 25/30/50/60p Photos 20 mpix.in 4/3
Very light and suitable for cities or in confined spaces like interiors 
or hard to reach zones
Allowed to fly in urban zones and city with people  (not closer than 10m though) Wind up to 25 km/h. DGAC Approved for S1, S3 Energy: up to 20min. per flight 
Size: 40 cms 
Weight RTF 1,4 kilos

DJI M600
 Hexacoptere Drone with Ronin-MX brushless 3 axes gimbal  able to carry the biggest cameras like 
Red and Alexa-Mini or the DSLR like Canon 5DsR / Nikon D800
or any other camera not heavier than
4,5 kilos (size to be checked)
DGAC Approved for S1-S2 and upon special request S3  
Energy: up to 15min per flight 
Size: 168 cms 
Max. Weight RTF 15 kilos


DJI S1000
 Octocoptere Drone with brushless 3 axes gimbal (Movi type) - ready for the biggest cameras like 
Panasonic GH4/GH5, Sony A6500/Blackmagic4K...or the DSLR like Canon 5D / Nikon D800
or any other ones not heavier than
2 kilos (size to be checked)
DGAC Approved for S1 only  
Energy: up to 9min per flight 
Size: 105 cms 
Max Weight RTF 11 kilos

Chart of DGAC scenarios features allowed in France.

** Note that for S3 (cities/unhabited zones), drones up to 8 kilos are authorized since december 2015