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 Our drones fleet approved for Dgac scenario S1-S2-S3  


Clip du premier vol d'essai de notre nouveau drone flagship: le nouvel Inspire 2 en version Raw & ProRes! Read on the blog: First flight with the Inspire 2 version Raw/ProRes


Drone-Pictures is a registered DGAC drone operator for the following scenarios S1, S2 et S3, ID #ED00085. 

We own a drone fleet that will fit the better all your specific needs. Please review our birds specifications and ask us any clarifications you might need.

Please check-out also our available cameras and accessories spec.


All of our drones are adapted to professional aerial filming and photography

Our UAVs are regularly maintained and updated. We carry out a complete overhaul of our drone fleet every two or three years according to the newest products on the market. Both the aircraft (drone) and the nacelle (gimbal), the camera, the lenses, the screens, and of course the batteries which are to be considered as consumables.


What are the delays to be expected for the steps before a UAV flight?

The Drone-Pictures telepilots carry out all the requests for authorizations for flights corresponding to one of these DGAC scenarios: S1, S2, S3. Whatever the complexity or not of the aeronautical area that will have to be flown over.

It should be stressed that, depending on the area, delays of one to two weeks (see +) are often necessary. 

A drone shooting service is therefore not improvised, in order to respect the French legislation concerning the Air Space, because it should not be forgotten, the drone does indeed occupy, according to the law, the Air Space, even at an altitude of one meter.

Remember that the overflight of third parties on the ground during a UAV shooting is strictly forbidden. A third party is defined as the public or property that is not part of the filming, and therefore has not given an agreement to participate in the UAV shooting.



Main technical specifications of our UAVs for aerial photography or technical inspections:

with our cameras
zenmuse X5S or X7
Quadricopter UAV for single or dual operators with the Zenmuse X5S 3 axes gimbal
X5S: M4/3 sensor and prime Olympus Zuiko lenses from 7.5mm, to 45mm (crop factor is x2 ). 
X7: Super35 sensor and pack of four DL lenses from 16mm, to 50mm/2.8 (crop factor is x1.5 ) + a Laowa 9mm super-wide angle. 
HD/4K/5,2K/6K in H264/Raw DNG/ProRes at 24/25/30/50/60p.
Slow-motion in HD 120p (X5s) 
Photos 20 4/3 (X5s) or 24 3/2 (X7) 
Allowed to fly in urban zones and city with people   (not closer than 10m though).
Wind up to 60 km/h. DGAC Approved for S1, S2, S3. Energy: up to 12 to 16 min. per flight. 
Size: 60 cms.  Weight RTF 4,3 kilos with parachutes.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro
(comes for free with the Inspire2 or M600)
Drone Quadricopter for one operator 
One inch Sony sensor - 28 or 40mm focal 
4K/UHD in H264 at 25/30p - Photos 20 4/3
Very light and suitable for cities or
in confined spaces like interiors or hard to reach zones
Allowed to fly in urban zones and city with people  (not closer than 10m though) 
Can fly with our VR 360 Insta-One X camera at no extra cost
(see photo opposite)
Wind up to 60 km/h. 
DGAC Approved for S1, S3 Energy: up to 20min. per flight 
Size: 40 cms 
Weight RTF 1 kilos



Drone Matrice M200 flying at sunset with the Aeromon BH-12 deviceDrone Matrice M200 flying at sunset with the Aeromon BH-12 device
DJI Matrice 200
Drone quadricopter for technical applications, able to carry RGB cameras such as the X5s / X7 / Z30, the M200
can overall carry the DJI thermal cameras XT or XT2 or specific loads like a mini-lidar or measurement systems air quality such as the device  BH-12 from Aeromon (see photo)
Wind up to 60 km/h. 
DGAC Approved for S1, S2, S3 Energy: up to 10 to 15min. per flight 
Weight RTF 6,3 kilos

Chart of DGAC scenarios features allowed in France.

** Note that for S3 (cities/unhabited zones), drones up to 8 kilos are authorized since december 2015


Drone-Pictures: at the service of aerial imaging by drone

Our UAV pilots and cameramen are all aerial experts, with nine years of experience in the highly specialized field of aerial image capture from the sky.

Our team has logged thousands of flight hours on civilian UAVs since 2011.

It will listen to you, satisfy you and quickly become operational before, during and after the UAV mission you entrust to us.

Our drone company is made up of creative people who are passionate about their job and are used to high-end shooting, necessarily demanding and without any approximation.

Put us to the test, we love new challenges!




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