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Sublime Marseille - Opus 1, par Drone-PicturesDans ce premier opus de "Sublime Marseille", nous dévoilons une partie de notre production d'images aériennes 4K réalisées depuis fin 2015 sur les monuments et sites incontournables de la cité Phocéenne.

Un projet à notre propre initiative et qui mènera au filmage exhaustif de tous les quartiers, et à toutes les saisons.

Ce tournage s'étalera tout au long de 2016.

Ces images uniques d'illustration de la nouvelle destination touristique en vogue qu'est devenue Marseille, sont produites pour la collection "HOsiHO, la France vue d'en haut", plateforme d'où il est possible d'acquérir ces séquences pour un usage commercial.

Tous nos stockshots sur Marseille sont disponibles via HOsiHO

IMPORTANT: vous pouvez visionner ce clip en qualité 2160p en 4K(UHD) sur notre YouTube


For aerial images of Marseille, Provence, PACA, Drone-Pictures based in Marseille, offers an experienced, comprehensive service tailored to your needs and your budget.


We use various airborne methods to take our aerial shots including a Cessna aircraft, helicopter, and even microlight or tandem paragliding (though only for photography). 

We overall have our own UAVs multi-rotors, which gives us a much greater latitude of action and expands creative possibilities in both video and photography.

Our aerial imagery offer is fully comprehensive and includes much more than just capturing aerial images. We can do as much or as little as you require - it's all up to you. See the full range of our services below.

Based in Provence, Sami Sarkis, Drone-Pictures's manager, brings the sharp, experienced eye of a photographer/filmmaker to every aerial shot he takes. Sami has a deep knowledge of the best sites for your shots. He knows the best locations, the most beautiful angles and when the light will be perfect to capture stunning aerial images throughout the year.


Barren salt flats expanding across a wide distance, Camargue, Pr


With a team of professionals, Drone-Pictures do much more than just offer a short meeting at the airfield. They can deliver an end-to-end service from a genuine dialogue early in the process to fully identify the project through to sign-off and beyond. This complete service means we delivers the very best results for you, your business and your clients.  

Aerial filming and photography is beautiful and compelling. But it’s the procedures used to obtain those fabulous aerial images that sets Drone-Pictures apart from his competition.

Since each mission requires a detailed study, every parameter has a direct influence on the solution, result and the final cost. Hence our comprehensive approach. You decide if you want us only to go and capture just the unique aerial images you are seeking or whether you want us to do more, both before and after the aerial shoot.

Volcan de l'ile de Nguna, vu depuis un avion, Ile d'Efate, Vanuatu, Pacifique Sud


Our bespoke services also include:


  • Technical help & advices
  • Best sites identification in Provence
  • Shooting land reports (stills & footage)
  • Video Editing
  • Photo retouching
  • 360° VR panoramas
  • License our aerial stock photos or videos


You decide how far you want us to go!



 In brief we mainly use three kinds of crafts for aerial imagery: 





  • The electric drone: non-polluting, quiet, discreet and inexpensive. Easy and quick implementation. Dedicated to shoot at a low altitude <150m, able to perform fluid and complex camera movements in the most inaccessible places. Small radius of action at every takeoff. Maximum range 20 minutes per flight.



  • The high-wing airplane, Cessna: Altitude > 150m. Very large radius of action. Large amount of images possible with a single flight. Multiple remote sites flown in hours or minutes. Maximum range = 5 hours per flight. Speeds reaching up to 200 kms/h with about as low as 100 kms/h while shooting. Reasonable price compared to its capabilities.
  • The mono-engine helicopter: reserved for places that are unreachable by the cheapest means, especially in urban areas and/or areas with low clearance space. The helicopter is very useful for stationary high altitude flights > 150m or for flying very low (close to land). To be used occasionally for short periods (1 hour) or for large budgets.


Finally, remember that we focus our aerial photography service on air safety, quality and budget.

Aerial photography does not have to be expensive. Contact us today - you will be pleasantly surprised!



Drone-Pictures is dedicated to studying all the aspects of your project when it comes to aerial images in Provence. Please fill in the contact form stating as precisely as possible what you would like to achieve and the type of aerial images you require. A detailed quote will be issued as soon as possible with, if necessary, a phone call for clarification.



Feel free to contact Drone-Pictures at +33 646-194-926