Our creative drone crew! 

Shooting of feature film "Père Fils Thérapie" - Gorges du Verdon, september 2015


Drone-Pictures is based at the heart of Provence, in Marseille town, but we have yet toured all the french territory and are keen with abroad travels!
Here's a short bio of our drone crew that you might deal with :
Sami, the company CEO and overall a long-time pro that made his entire career in the image creation field, 30 years, yet! (portfolio as photographer, cameraman/filmaker). Under Drone-Pictures banner, Sami gathered the best talented pros of the area, with the goal of serving you the most spectacular aerial images you may want!
As a  drone cameraman and pilot, he is also managing the growing aerial stock collection at HOsiHO.


For more than 25 years, Arno, a filmmaker / cameraman / editor, has been producing trailers, commercials, clips, subjects for magazines, television programs and documentaries. The moments of life that he was able to capture thus dragged him along the roads of France, Vietnam, Mali and New Zealand. For the last 10 years, he has focused his activities on the problems of spatial planning, development, mobility, integration and tourism. Also practicing as a trainer on Final Cut Pro NLE software, and practicing the piloting of ultralights and drones.







Benjamin, is our top 3-axis drone cameraman! He is also able to work with cranes and have a strong experience with motorized tracking Buggy. With an 8 years experience in TV and corporate production, including sports events.








Benjamin, both drone pilot and cameraman: despite his youth, he has a good experience in audiovisual production. He is also fond of great voyages and is curious and enthusiastic.








Paul is a one of our most experienced drone pilot in urban environment (S3), vehicle tracking and on large drone services like the M600 carrying a RED camera (15kgs). He practice this activity as a professional since 2014. Hundreds of assignments to its credit, all over France, by all seasons, especially in corporate audiovisual, institutional and TV productions. Excellent skills in photogrammetry..
Yannick, editor and ground cameraman, has worked for a long time as an intermittent performer, on television, in Marseille.
More to say about us:
HOsiHO.com, aerial stock footage library with strong drone collections on France, Europe and ROW seen from the sky! We welcome any new talent that might be interested to showcase and sell his best aerial images (stills and footage)